Required Documentation


Below is a list of the documents that you would need to provide in order to begin the process of seeking a lender.  Some may not apply to your situation.


  • Two pieces of government issued photo identification

  • Two years of employment verification (T4)

  • Three most current months of bank statements

  • Recent pay stubs 

  • divorce/separation agreement (if applicable)

  • Child support order/agreement (if applicable)


Documents for purchase transaction:

  • Purchase and sale agreement

  • MLS listing

  • Proof of downpayment

  • Rental letter

  • Realtor information


Self employed:

  • Financial statements

  • Business license

  • Business cheque

It would be helpful for you to provide your current credit score.  It is best if you do this for yourself to avoid losing points against your credit.  The lender will do their own pull of your credit when it is time.  You can get a copy of your credit report for a fee through Equifax and TransUnion or there is Credit Karma which is free.

I use the latter myself.