A background in engineering, a love for numbers, an interest in real estate, a joy found in helping others, an artist, a family man, a dedicated worker, benevolent, honest, compassionate... 


Licence # 12645


The Mortgage Guys story began in 2009, when Dario Di Renzo and Chuck Nash – two seasoned entrepreneurs and veterans of the customer service and hospitality industry – were approached by a mortgage broker with a client in need. He was working with a family who had run into financial difficulties and who were getting nowhere in their dealings with an inflexible big bank. The family was facing the very real danger of losing their home. By stepping into the role of private lender, Chuck and Dario were able to help the broker’s client hold on to one of their most precious assets, and it was this experience that ignited a fire in the two businessmen. The idea for a full-service mortgage brokerage was starting to take hold. “We heard you guys are the mortgage guys…” After spending time honing their skills at a large brokerage in Toronto, in 2015 Chuck and Dario struck out on their own. Before they had even ordered business cards, word had begun to spread that they were the guys to talk to about securing financing and working toward your dream home. Today, the Mortgage Guys firm has expanded to a team of eight with a combined total of over 50 years of industry experience. Along with insight and expertise, every team member also has the same passion and drive that fuelled Chuck and Dario when they first started the firm. It’s this commitment and care that ensures each client who walks in the office door is treated with the same respect and compassion as the client that started it all.